Have you discovered white ants to a pest inspection on the Gold Coast?

Homeowners often discover termites when they are in the first stages of selling their property, and the discovery of white ants at this time can be extremely disruptive. The pest inspection on the Gold Coast is there to look for signs of insect activity prior to selling, and the experts will usually look in places that you don’t consider likely to attract termites. By the time termites are discovered through this type of operation, it may require a complete overhaul of some timbers, and a great deal of pest control work in order to get rid of the existing pests. Calling in a professional team is the most efficient way to get rid of white ants in your home.

Professional or DIY?

Most homeowners in Australia like to think they are able to manage insect infestations on their own, without the assistance of experts. There are a lot of different chemicals that supermarkets sell to homeowners, promising them that this will get rid of their termite problem, and that they won’t have to call in professional Logan village pest control in order to remove the insects. In most cases, these poisons are only able to remove worker termites, and they fail to get rid of the nest. Without removing the nest, this means that you have a perpetual cycle of new workers being born, even after you have removed the original white ants. Only by using professional services can you locate termites and then nests within the walls, getting rid of both the worker termites and the larvae. Only by destroying the nest can you completely get rid of the pests.

Call in a team to help you

If you have been using a professional pest control services Logan team in order to conduct your pest inspection, then you will already have a team able to help you with the removal of the pests that the team found. These experts cannot only use specialist machines to detect nests within the wall, helping to locate termites where you didn’t even know they could be found, but they can also offer you detailed information about termite barriers, white ant prevention such as termicide and wood varnishes, which can help to deter the pests and will ensure that they are not able to come back into your home after the nests have been destroyed.

Reasons to Trust a Professional White Ant Treatment

Termites, also known as white ants, are sneaky insects that can cause a lot of damage to a property. They can easily break down wood and other organic materials. Although they perform a very important function in their natural habitat, the same cannot be said when we find them in our homes. Termites can cause a good amount of structural damage that would be very expensive to repair. Another problem with termites is that they can hide in the most unsuspected places so they are not easy to locate.

Signs of Damage

Termites love eating wood, which is why homes made from this material are an easy target. However, homes made from other materials are also at risk since termites can easily get access to the property and feast on wooden floors, window frames and furniture. Termite damage can look like water damage and sometimes you can detect a mildew smell. Veneer cracks on furniture and floors can also be a sign of termite damage since they like living inside wooden structures where they build their tunnels.

Contact Logan Pest Control

If you suspect that there may be termites in your property, contact a group of experts to deal with the problem. They have specialised equipment to help them locate the colony and destroy it. They will use infrared technology amongst other tools that will allow them to track down their movements and find their hiding spot.

Once the specialists know where the termites are, they will use termicide to kill them. Termicide pest control is the most effective way to fight an infestation. The chemical is only available to professionals. Any DIY product that you may find will simply not be strong enough to kill all of the termites. Instead, you will alert them and they will move to a new area of the house.

Choosing a Termite Barrier Protection for Your Property

In their natural environment, termites are in charge of a very important job. They have to break down organic matter, such as leaves and wood, so that the nutrients can replenish the soil again. This function allows vegetation to grow and many animals can have access to food. However, termites and humans often find themselves in the same areas and their wood munching abilities are not appreciated.


The best way to stop termites from reaching your home is by installing a termite barrier system. It is suggested to do this before the construction works start. You have a number of options to choose from but only a specialist can make a recommendation for your particular case. Physical barriers make it impossible for the termites to construct tunnels and reach your property. They can be made of plastic, metal or sand. Chemical barriers work by applying termicide on the soil under and around the building. Some barriers combine both options for added protection.

Detecting an Infestation

Termites are very good at going unnoticed for quite a while. The colonies have queens that lay eggs at an impressive rate and can easily make their population increase dramatically. In many cases, homeowners only know that they have these unwanted guests at home because of the structural damage they have caused.

If you suspect that there are termites in your home or if you have seen them, you should call the professionals. It is impossible to get rid of a colony without locating the queen or queens and if you try to kill them, they will simply find another place to hide. The best termites control specialists have equipment that allows them to locate the colony without damaging your walls or floors. They also have access to termicide, the only chemical strong enough to destroy an entire colony.

Get rid of problem insects with cheap pest control

Insects can be a serious issue when they move into your home, and many householders can be overwhelmed by the extent of the infestation when they realise that they have been invaded. The majority of homeowners attempt to solve their insect problem by using DIY pest control methods, including sprays and powders, in order to remove the insects that they can see. While this appears to be an effective solution at first, the truth is that these powers and sprays will only work successfully when they are combined with an effective eradication of all of the insects in the house. If you need to have insects and bugs removed from your property, then using a cheap pest control company can help you to economise without sacrificing effectiveness.

Effective killing of insect invaders

The most important element of any domestic pest control in Logan is ensuring that all of the insects inside the home are removed. This means not only killing visible insects, but also locating nests and larvae or eggs, which would otherwise perpetuate the insect population even after the adults have been poisoned. In order to have a completely effective removal of pests, it is essential that the pest control team look for evidence of nesting within the property, as well as other signs that could result in the insects returning after they have been removed. In order to ensure that they are able to completely eradicate the infestation, many pest control companies choose to use heat sensitive devices and infrared technology in order to locate insects such as termites within the walls.

Deterring insects

After the infestation has been removed, many householders will need to take steps in order to ensure that the insects don’t come back. Most Logan pest control teams will be willing to offer their customers help and support in order to ensure that they get the right type of equipment to prevent insects from coming back. In Australia, one of the most tenuous and persistent of invasive insects is the termite, which is a notorious pest and is extremely difficult to eradicate completely. Homeowners can attempt to stop termites by using termite barriers and termiticide to prevent the insects from gaining a foothold in the home. Pest control professionals can give householders advice about the best type of termite barriers to use in their homes.

Choosing a Termite Barrier System and Pest Control

Security at home will always be one of our main concerns. We want our own space to be welcoming and to feel completely safe at all times. You can install the best locks and security doors and although that will stop thieves on their tracks, it will do nothing against other types of menace. Termites and other creatures can come into your house regardless of how secure your lock is.

Potential Damage

In their natural habitat, termites are in charge of decomposing waste, such as wood, and replenishing the soil with nutrients. This process allows plants, trees and other animals to prosper. However, as we moved closer to the areas where termites lived, they started invading our homes. Termites love the taste of wood and they know how to find the best hiding spots. As a result, you can expect a good amount of structural damage by the time you notice their presence.


Any Logan Pest Control company will tell you that the best way to avoid a termite infestation is by having a barrier system in place, which is usually installed before the house is built. You can choose between physical and chemical barriers or a combination of both. Physical barriers are made of plastic, metal or sand. They work by making it impossible for the white ants to build the tunnels that allow them to reach your property. Chemical barriers work by applying Termicide around and beneath the house. This is such a strong chemical that it will kill them as soon as they get near. Some physical barriers are infused with Termicide to maximise their efficiency.

What to Do in Case of an Infestation

If your home has already been infested, it is crucial that you call the professionals. White ants are very sneaky and Termicide pest control is the only way to get rid of them. Pest control companies use specialised equipment to track down the colony and exterminate it.

What is the best Termite barrier system?

If you have been inspected for termites recently, then it is very likely you will have been advised to try to prevent termites from accessing your property in the future. There are a great majority of homes in Australia that are vulnerable to termite infestation, not least because the owners have taken no steps to prevent termites from getting into the property. You can make sure you avoid termites coming into your property by choosing to use a termite barrier system. These systems are designed to ensure that termites are not able to get into your home, meaning you avoid the problems of white ant infestation and damage.

Chemical barriers

One option you have is to use a chemical termite barrier. These are suitable for most homeowners, and mean you don’t have to install physical barriers, which can take a lot of work. There are a number of different types of chemical barriers, some of which kill termites, and others that repel them. Seeking advice from an expert about the right type of chemical termite barrier protection for your home will help you to make sure you effectively deter termites from your property.

Physical barriers

Physical barriers are a protective layer that will be fitted under the slabs around your home or other properties. These barriers are constructed in white sheets, which can be installed in a similar fashion to moisture layers, prior to the point of the slabs. These sheets are normally overlapped, and sealed using building adhesives. These physical barriers are designed to be long-term termite prevention systems, and also mean you don’t have to continually add chemicals or other materials to the barrier in order for it to be effective.

Choosing the right barrier

It is not always easy to know which the right type of barrier system for your property is. Of course, if you are intending to install a barrier system on an existing home, then chemical prevention will be the most affordable. However, if you want to make sure you are protected in the long term, then you may need to look into installing some kind of physical barrier. In order to make sure you select the right barrier, you need to discuss your needs with a pest control services Logan expert who can offer you advice about the right type of barrier for your property.

Look for Professional Services Not Just Cheap Pest Control

Nobody likes uninvited guests, especially when you do not notice their presence until they have damaged your home. We are not talking about your relatives, but about termites and other creatures that would love to live in your home. Termites are particularly tricky to control unless you hire a team of professionals to do the job.

Can a DIY Job Suffice?

The short answer is no and in fact it could make things even worse. Termites are very good at hiding, which is why most people notice an infestation when significant damage has already been done. It may be very tempting to purchase a household product and try to get rid of the problem yourself but it is not that simple. When termites feel threatened, their instinct is to find a new hiding spot. You may perceive that as a victory, but in reality they will start destroying other areas of your property.

What Do Professionals Do?

A specialised termite treatment on the Gold Coast is the only effective way to get rid of the colony that has invaded your home. The technicians use the latest technology to locate termites without having to destroy your walls or floors. They will carefully examine every corner of the house to track their movement and ensure that all insects are dead. Only professionals have access to Termicide, the only chemical that is strong enough to kill an entire colony.

Preventing Future Infestations

Any company dedicated to termite pest control in Logan will recommend that you take some steps towards preventing another infestation. The most effective way of doing this is by installing barriers, either physical or chemical, around and under the property. These barriers effectively stop termites from entering the house. Although these systems are usually put in place before the house is built, the soil can be replenished with termiticide to avoid any future problems.

How termicide pest control can work in your property

Termites, or white ants as they are commonly known in Australia, are small wood boring insects which can take up residence in your home without you noticing but will quickly destroy wooden structures such as supporting beams, floors and roofs. By the time that homeowners realise that they have been invaded, it is often too late to provide a solution. There are several things you can do in order to ensure you get the best from your termicide pest control, and an understanding of what measures can combat termites is an important step in getting great results.

Choosing poisons and traps

The most common type of termite control used by homeowners involves poisons and traps. These are able to kill termite which are away from the nest, and can be a good way of getting rid of roving termite once you have eliminated the nest itself, but if you have a full investigation these are not the best termites control options available. Instead, you should be looking for pest control teams who can wage a concentrated war against termites and defeat them in every aspect of their lives, from destroying their nests to removing larvae and killing worker termites. While poisons and traps have a place in this extermination, it is not the only option you have available.

Stopping termites accessing the home

If you have had termite problems in the past, then you may still be vulnerable to these insects. In order to make sure you get the best from your termite removal teams, you need to ask them to take steps to prevent termites from coming back into the house after they have killed the existing nest. This can be done through the use of barriers, either chemical or physical, which are installed around the outside of the house, and prevent termites from actually coming into the house. There are several different types of barriers which can be used by termite pest control in Logan in order to stop termites from coming into your home, including concrete and metal barriers which form physical impediments which limit the ability of termites to come into the house. There are also poison traps which kill off termites entering these barriers, reducing the ability of termites to intrude into your home from nearby nests. Keeping the house clean and limiting rubbish will also help to deter termites.

Program a Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection Today

After months of searching for the perfect home, you have finally found it. Everything is just as you envisioned, but are you sure you are not getting more than you bargained for? You can easily see if the kitchen or the size of the rooms will work for you but there are other important things to consider that are not visible. It would be awful to make an offer on the property only to find out that it is infested with termites or other unwanted guests. You may not be able to notice them but this is not a problem for specialists.

A pre-purchase inspection is absolutely essential for anyone who is thinking about making an offer on a property. Termites are very sneaky insects that are able to go unnoticed until they have caused an enormous amount of damage, which can be very difficult or even impossible to repair. A good team of experience technicians, such as Dunrite Pest Control, have an arsenal of specialised equipment to help them find a termite colony. They use infrared and microwave technology to track down movement and find the spots where these insects hide. They can also check for black rot and tell you if the house has been protected against white ants.

Thanks to this service offered by specialists in pest control in Logan, you will be able to rethink whether or not you want to buy the property. If termites are present and you still wish for the purchase to go ahead, you can use this information to lower your offer. If the house is not infested, the company of your choice will be able to give you advice about installing or reinforcing the protection around the property. There are different options available but the best defence against white ants is still termiticide, a highly efficient chemical that is only available to professionals.