What Is Involved In A Pest Inspection Gold Coast Survey?

When you move into a new home, one of the first things that you will have to do is to arrange for a building inspection. Some of that inspection will also include a brief check for pests. This is a quick survey to find out whether you might be infested, and if the survey is positive, then you will need to call in a specialist team to inspect the premises thoroughly, and then deal with any pests that they find. Being able to understand what you need to do for this inspection, and what it involves, can help you to feel more relaxed about the process.

When is a pest inspection needed?


Australia is home to hundreds of insects and bugs that are not afraid to come in to buildings and make their home among human beings. This can range from spiders, large bugs, and termites. The latter are particularly troublesome, since they eat the timber that the house is made from, and this can cause so much damage to the property that it needs AUS$1000 of repairs. If you are selling a property, then you will need to have the house inspected for termites before you can sell it on, and this may be included in a clause in your sale agreement. By managing their pest inspection Gold Coast sellers can ensure that their property is completely free of termites before their sale is put at risk.

What occurs in a pest inspection?


When you commission a pest inspection report, the company you employ will inspect the area around the property for signs of termites. This includes checking for Isoptera, which are subterranean, Damp-wood termites which destroy your timbers, and also Borers, which can also dig into the wood, making it unstable. The company will look for termites, possibly using a machine which can detect the bugs through walls. They will then write you out a report which will tell you whether you have termites, or other beetles, nested in your house.

What should I do after a pest inspection?


What you do after the pest inspection will depend very much on what the report says. If there is a positive result to the pest inspection, Gold Coast vendors will have to try to resolve the issue before the seller pulls out. You will have to cover the cost of the treatment yourself, and you will also have to arrange for the termites to be removed. The pest inspection company is likely to offer to remove the termites or bugs, and you should probably accept, since the sooner the termites are removed, the sooner you can get on with the business of selling your property.

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Australians spend billions of dollars every year treating termites and repairing the damage that they cause. Because of that, homeowners take termite control very seriously. There are several types of termites, so there are several different treatments. For every treatment, the goal is to keep termites from eating the wood inside the home or business.

Pre-construction termite treatments in Gold coast are also being done with termite bait stations that are installed in the soil. In many parts of the country, the framing lumber is treated with a borate solution while the home is being built. This solution does not affect the lumber, but it makes the wood toxic to termites if they ever attack.

Treatments against subterranean termites are done for two reasons — to stop termites from damaging a home or to prevent them from attacking it. If the treatment is preventive, it usually involves treating the whole house. These are often called complete treatments.

If termites have attacked a home or business, a complete treatment might be done. If the building is very large, many times only the affected area is treated. This is called a spot treatment. If part of a building is treated, it is often called a partial treatment.

Post–construction treatments often involve liquid termiticides. They are applied to the soil under a home and around the foundation to protect against subterranean termites. Liquid termiticide is often applied with a machine that turns the liquid into foam. This helps spread the termiticide underneath the building.

Termite baits are very common in post-construction treatments. The stations are installed in the soil around a home or building. They can be used alone or combined with liquid termiticide application. There are also bait stations that can be attached to a wall where termites are eating.

Besides liquids and baits, there are other methods of treating termites. In many situations, exposed wood can be treated with a borate solution that is toxic to termites. The solution also kills wood–boring beetles and decay fungi. It can only be applied to exposed wood, so it is often used during remodeling or on wood that is outdoors.

Fumigation is still a common treatment to eliminate some types of termites. When a toxic fumigant is used, the people and pets must leave the building and stay away for a few days. Scientists are testing common substances like carbon dioxide. They are hopeful some of these materials can be used for termite fumigations.

Many homeowners and business owners call on a pest control professional for help with termites. These experts have the tools necessary to make a thorough termite treatment in Gold coast. They can identify the type of termite that is attacking the home. They can also point out any maintenance issues that should be addressed to prevent future termite problems.