Using Termite Barrier Systems to Protect Your Home from Infestations

Termites are ecologically beneficial because they break down waste products, adding nutrients back into the soil. However, their ability to do this can also have a detrimental effect on homes made with wooden structures. It can take a lot of time before signs of an infestation are noticeable, by then, the number of termites may be difficult to combat with DIY-strength products. Professional pest control companies are your best bet at defeating them and protecting your home from future issues.

Termite barrier systems come in many different types, with some of the most popular being termiticide-based. Termiticide is an agent specifically designed to target termites and is an elemental part of a chemical barrier. The primary use of the chemical is to inject the wood that has been infected, killing the termites within 2 weeks, but usually in as little as 24 hours. To prevent another infestation of termites, termiticide soil treatments can be carried out. This consists of a liquid or foam that is spread on the ground around the house or property in order to repel or kill any termites that may make their way towards the building. This system is often installed before a new house is built, helping to protect the future owners from suffering them.

Termiticide can also be used to impregnate the plastics that are used with a physical barrier system. Plastic termite barriers, steel mesh termite barriers and termite sand barriers are all types of physical prevention techniques. During the preconstruction of a house, these barriers can be used to prevent future infestations. Plastic barriers are made of plastic sheets that have been treated with an insecticide and steel mesh barriers have holes that are too thin for termites to get through. They are placed under the concrete slab formed for the building.

Sand barriers are usually placed around a building to stop termites from entering the structure of the building. If the sand grains are big enough, it is impossible for the termites to build tunnels through them. The sand and steel mesh termite barrier systems are non-toxic and do not contain pesticides, however, it is best to consult a professional to decide which solution is best for your property.

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