Whether you own a farm or your house is primarily made of wood, then your priority should be controlling termite infestation.  In fact, it is actually considered to be one of the most important issues that people are facing, and has become a major spot of contention for homeowners.
First and foremost, you should always begin with termite prevention, stopping them from invading your crops or your property. This involves employing measures that will make your house non-conducive for termites to live and thrive in. This is done by setting aside wooden materials or debris and using methods such as sand barriers. Some people even bury dead animals or the organs of raw fishes in the soil which is often known to be one of the best methods of termite control, and a fairly effective preventative measure.
However, like many, you might already have termites in your property and wish to control the spread of termite invasion. This does, however, depend on the severity of the invasion so far – assessing your home before taking any action is important. One of the most popular methods is the use of termite baiting, wherein treated woods are used as bait for termites. Although this method is tried and tested, it does have its faults – it does not guarantee complete termite extermination, and will often take some time. The treated wood used as bait attracts termites, who then ingest the wood. Termite workers proceed to pass various chemicals that they’ve ingested to the other members of the colony. However, some members of the colony may evade extermination.
When DIY extermination methods do not work or are ineffective, then it is best to seek professional help. Professional help is also the most effective port of call when damage to the property is already severe due to long-term termite damage that has gone previously unnoticed over the years. One of the best methods for termite control is fumigation tenting. Only professionals should undertake this process because of the use of many harmful chemicals used in order to ensure complete extermination.

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