What is the best termite control for Gold Coast properties?

Almost all parts of Australia suffer from termites, and the majority of homeowners need to have some kind of termite treatment in their homes. While many homeowners choose to use DIY poisons and traps on their first attempts to get rid of termites, the majority of them need to call in specialists to help them finish the job later on. In order to make sure that the termites are removed, and stay gone, there are certain thinks that the homeowner and the termite control team need to do.

Choosing the right termite removal

There is some debate over the best termite control methods for domestic homes. Most homeowners have to get rid of termites using the standard fumigation method, which requires the homeowners to move out of the property while it is covered with poison. This is not the only option, but it is very important to use a method which eliminates termites from all parts of the property, and also addresses issues with the garden.

Locating problem termites

One of the main problems with termite management is that it tends to treat only those termites which are above the ground, or on the surface of timbers in the property. The majority of termites, however, are subterranean, and if all of them are not killed, then the problem will not be eliminated from the property. In order to properly detect termites, Logan Village pest control experts can search using infra-red cameras which detect the movement of insects within the walls, and a microwave system that helps to spot termites in the walls without having to cut large holes in it. This can help Gold Coast homeowners to protect their property while still removing the insects.

Keeping termites at bay

For most Australian properties, the best termites control is prevention. You can take steps to keep your home free of termites by choosing options such as wood preservation liquids that deter the insects, using termite barriers around your property, and also having an annual check to ensure that the home is still free of these insects.

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