Termite Treatment on the Gold Coast and South East Queensland

Termites are loved by gardeners and wildlife as they break down much of the organic material, such as tree limbs and leaves, adding nutrients back into the soil. Unfortunately homeowners do not feel the same love for these tiny creatures. It is possible for termites to infest a house without the homeowner knowing until there has been detrimental damage to the structure. When you can see damage from termites, a can of Mortein will not be enough. At this point they may just move to another spot in the house.

Pest Control

If you have any suspicions about a termite infestation, it is important to try not to disturb them and call a professional termicide pest control company right away. It can take time and the use of trained staff to find the nest of termites if they have moved away from one part of the house or created a new nest. A pest control company that is licensed to use termicide is very important as it may be the only thing that can remove the large number of insects in your house. The company will come and use specialised equipment used to find the termites and then impregnate the wood that they are nesting in with termicide.

Termite Barrier Systems

If you are given the all clear but know that your home has no protection from termites, consult the experts about the best termites control system available for you. You may be able to spray a layer of termicide beneath your home in order to fend off termites from your property. The spray liquid or foam will impregnate the ground beneath your home and act as a repellent to keep them away while killing any termite that continues to make its way to your property. There are even more options available if you have yet to build your home and wish to prevent an infestation.

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