What makes the perfect termite barrier system?

Termites can quickly infest a property, and once they have made a nest in a building, other groups of termites are more likely to make it their home. This means that, even after the white ants have been eliminated, homeowners have to take action in order to protect themselves from ants. The best way to do this is through the use of a termite barrier system which will prevent the insects from gaining access to the house, and will ensure that the white ants are deterred from settling near your home. This ensures that termites will not come into the house, and the home will be protected when the owners try to sell it on.

Types of barriers

There are two main varieties of termite barrier protection, either using chemicals in the soil which poison the termites, or physical barriers which prevent the termites from digging into the ground below the house, ensuring that they can’t gain access to the ground floor. These barriers are essential to ensuring that termites don’t attack the wood in the foundations of the property, or to the base of floors, which could make the home insecure. Many homeowners feel much more secure when they add a physical barrier to their homes, as it is a visible sign that the insects are being stopped before they reach the property.

The benefits of a physical barrier

The amount of physical protection your home needs to prevent it being accessed by termites will depend upon its position, and whether the insects have attacked homes in the area before. For example, some termite barriers may consist simply of stainless steel mesh, which is designed to increase the difficulty for termites trying to enter the home. These are usually fitted with a concrete slab, which makes it hard for termites to dig into the soil beneath. Other physical termite barriers might include metal which has had a toxic coating applied. These help to stop the insects even if they have succeeded in climbing over the barrier, and they can be very useful in securing the property from these insect invaders. Many homeowners seeking to prevent termites from accessing the soil around their homes use a combination of physical barriers and chemical poisons to ensure complete prevention of the insects. For more details on these barriers, speak to your termite treatment Gold Coast professionals.

With termicide pest control one treatment is all you need

Managing termite pests is a problem for many householders across Australia. These small insects can nest in wooden beams throughout the house, causing structural problems and weakening foundations. Many homes suffering from termite infestation cannot be sold, and they may be seriously devalued by the problem. The only solution for homeowners is to get rid of the termites once and for all. Standard DIY termite powders have been shown to leave some termites alive and certainly shop-bought powders tend to result in re-infestation within a short period. Unlike these options, Termicide pest control offers treatment that provide a solution which can clear up white ant infestation once and for all.

Why use Termicide?

Termicide produces effective management for white ant colonies inside the home, and in the ground around the home. Controlling the spread of termites is about more than just eliminating them from the home; it also requires treatment that prevents them from coming back onto the property after the powders have been removed. Termicide offers the best solution to controlling termites and other insect pests which can reduce the quality of life and affect the value of property. Termicide solutions may include using the Replenishment system which is designed to continue pushing chemicals into the soil long after the initial infestation was treated. The company can also offer a range of different treatments designed to help homeowners prevent infestation before it happens, ensuring that their property remains termite-free. Prevention is the best termites control method as it allows homeowners to stop termites before they enter the home, meaning that no nests are built, and therefore that there are no missed termites on the premises.

What are the best preventative measures?

There are several steps that you need to take in order to prevent the advance of termites into the home. Wood can be treated with boron in order to poison termites who try to consume the wood. There are also timber preservation services which can be used to inhibit rot, meaning that the wood is stronger and more resistant to termite attack. There are also termite barriers which can be used to stop termites entering the floor of the home. Even if you find that these preventative measures have not been enough to stop termites building a nest, with the help of the pest control Logan experts, you can still remove them completely, and prevent termites from re-establishing old nests.

The Importance of a Pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection

Pests can be a huge problem in certain parts of Australia. Taking precautions is essential when buying a new home or commercial property near Logan. Without a pre-purchase building and pest inspection, you could be taking the risk of a pest infestation such as termites. Termites are a huge problem for wooden structure homes and can affect the safety of the building.

What Will the Pest Inspection Cover?

The inspection relates largely to termites and the damage they can do; however, other issues such as fungus and other pests are also reported on. The inspection will cover the following:

  • The presence of termites

  • Evidence of damage by termites

  • Evidence of previous termite treatments

  • Evidence of wood borers

  • Chemical Delignification (the deterioration of the wood)

  • Fungal decay

All of these are required under the AS 4349.3 pest control standard. The inspection is non-invasive and it is not required to do any cutting or removing objects. It is important to get a statement from the property owner regarding pest control activity and detailed copies of any documents regarding previous pest control services.

What Can Termites Do?

If you decide against having the inspection, you may find yourself with a building with a termite problem. They can cause damage to the structure of the home through the foundations and supporting beams. At the point where there is damage visible enough for you to notice it easily, the infestation could be huge. If you do see termite damage, do not use DIY-strength products as these are usually not made to deal with a large colony and using it might simply move the termites elsewhere in the property.

If you already have a problem in your home in Queensland and you are looking to find a licensed termite pest control in Logan, look for a company that has professional and honest tradesmen with decades of experience. A local company that lasts over 20 years is usually one that is well respected.