The Importance of a Pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection

Pests can be a huge problem in certain parts of Australia. Taking precautions is essential when buying a new home or commercial property near Logan. Without a pre-purchase building and pest inspection, you could be taking the risk of a pest infestation such as termites. Termites are a huge problem for wooden structure homes and can affect the safety of the building.

What Will the Pest Inspection Cover?

The inspection relates largely to termites and the damage they can do; however, other issues such as fungus and other pests are also reported on. The inspection will cover the following:

  • The presence of termites

  • Evidence of damage by termites

  • Evidence of previous termite treatments

  • Evidence of wood borers

  • Chemical Delignification (the deterioration of the wood)

  • Fungal decay

All of these are required under the AS 4349.3 pest control standard. The inspection is non-invasive and it is not required to do any cutting or removing objects. It is important to get a statement from the property owner regarding pest control activity and detailed copies of any documents regarding previous pest control services.

What Can Termites Do?

If you decide against having the inspection, you may find yourself with a building with a termite problem. They can cause damage to the structure of the home through the foundations and supporting beams. At the point where there is damage visible enough for you to notice it easily, the infestation could be huge. If you do see termite damage, do not use DIY-strength products as these are usually not made to deal with a large colony and using it might simply move the termites elsewhere in the property.

If you already have a problem in your home in Queensland and you are looking to find a licensed termite pest control in Logan, look for a company that has professional and honest tradesmen with decades of experience. A local company that lasts over 20 years is usually one that is well respected.

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