Make sure that you are free from bugs with termicide pest control

Termites are one of the most serious problems that any homeowner can face. In Australia, these insects cause thousands of pounds worth of damage within a very short space of time, and they are also very difficult to stop once they have nested in wood. There are several ways that you could use to get rid of termites, including DIY products, but the only sure way is to call in a Termicide pest control team who can help you to sort out where the termites are coming from, and how to best deter them from re-entering the nest that they had built.

Locating termites in walls

The reason that termites cause so much destruction within the home is that they are nest-builders, and their preferred location for their nest is inside wood. To the termite, there is really no difference between a fallen log (their ancestral home), and the wood found inside your property. If termites looking for a new nest come upon your wooden beams and foundation supports before they spot another likely location, they will move in. The problem lies in the fact that the entrance hole is usually quite small, but the nest which the termite builds can be huge. This means that you may not realise you have termite problems until you have a pest inspection as part of the process of selling your home, or your home suffers severe structural damage due to termite nests. Finding the termites often means calling in experts who can use modern technology to spot living termites inside your walls.

Preventing a revisit

Even if you successfully remove termites once thanks to the intervention of a cheap pest control service, you are still likely to face termites moving back into the nest once the poison is gone. This is because the wood is suitable for nesting, and if one termite group can use it, so can others. The only opportunity to avoid having to deal with termites on a yearly basis is to seek the help of professional termite removal firms such as Dunrite pest control. By working with termites for years, they have come to understand what the best and worst ways to prevent termites are, and they can also help you to prevent revisits of termites using chemical barriers and wood treatment methods to deter these insects in the future.

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