Get rid of termites and pests with white ant treatment

Termites are one of the biggest problems facing Australian households, and they can even affect the value of your property if they are spotted during a pest inspection. It is increasingly difficult to avoid termites in suburban areas, as the natural habitats of the insects are removed, and they flee towards homes rather than further into the countryside. They can seriously damage the wooden frames of buildings, destabilise the foundations, and affect the roof timbers. In order to avoid these problems it is essential to get effective white ant treatment as soon as possible.

Preventing and spotting white ants

Termites, also known as white ants, tend to come into the home through the ground. The best way to avoid them entering the home is to make it less inviting. This could include building termite traps and deterrents that make it harder for the termites to get into the building in the first place. Adding wood treatment and protective coatings to beams will also encourage them to move on to another residence. With the advice of experts such as Dunrite pest control, you can get better management of your pests, and also eliminate any that have got into the woodwork. These can be spotted by experienced teams, who are looking for small holes in the wall which indicate termite activity. Use of heat-sensitive devices can then help the team to work out where the nest is inside the building.

Getting rid of termites

The discovery of termites in the home is a serious issue, and one that should not be overlooked. Many people think that there is a solution to the infestation that can be found on supermarket shelves – but they will usually be disappointed by the results. These poisons might clear out the obvious termites, but the nest inside the wall is usually unharmed, and this means that there is no cure. Rather than risk having termites inside the building which have not been destroyed, it is important to pick out an effective termite treatment Gold Coast company that specialises in such work. Only by making use of this kind of expert team can you hope to get rid of your problem termites. The team will use a combination of termite poisons, traps and other deterrents in order to wipe out the white ants which exist on the property, and then deterring others from using the old tunnels by effectively making the house an unpleasant place for termites to live.

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