Check out your home with Dunrite pest control

When you are in the process of buying a new home, and are looking into the different properties available, there are some basic steps that you need to take in order to ensure that your new home is up to standard. Checking the building is essential to ensure that you are not left with a damaged home, or a serious pet problem, and will ensure that you know everything about your home, including whether it is in danger of being invaded by termites and other insects. Since you are investing so much money into the property, it makes sense to buy a full building and insect search before you agree to buy the home.

Inspecting the building

When you invest in a pre purchase building and pest inspection, there are two basic services that you need to take. The first is inspecting the building, and examining the long-term condition of the property, plus any dangers that might be a threat to the safety of the building. This assessment will look at the condition, the structure and the stability of any buildings on the property, including the home itself, car ports and external buildings. With this inspection, the homeowner can learn more about the condition of the property, and whether it will be suitable for use as a residence, or need a great deal of work before any such role can be considered.

Checking for pests

Another important part of the inspection will be to examine evidence of insects within the home. It is estimated that termites cause damage to timber in a quarter of homes in the Queensland area, and some areas may be even more prone to termite damage due to location or easy access from natural areas. Timber pests can cause a great deal of damage to a home, and if the company can find evidence of these pests before you buy, then you can save a great deal of money, Homeowners looking at the issues of termite pest control in Logan and surrounding areas should consider the opportunities that they may have to correct faults before they are discovered in the pre-purchase inspection, giving them time to remove termites from the area. Whether you are the buyer or the seller of a property, it is a good idea to have the building thoroughly inspected before any deal is agreed.

Professional and Effective Termite Treatments on the Gold Coast

Termites, or white ants, play an important role in nature. They break down organic material that will then nurture the soil with nutrients. However, this action is only appreciated when it is performed in the wild and not inside our homes. Termites are very small creatures that can make their way into your home without you even knowing about it until is too late.


The best way to avoid an infestation is by having termite barrier protection in place. It is always recommended to have a pre-purchase inspection before you even make an offer on a house. This is the only way to find out if the house already has a problem or if it needs protection. You should always insist on having an inspection done by professionals that you trust.

If the house is not infested, it is time to talk about the protection that has been put in place. The technician that performed the inspection will be able to recommend the best termite barrier system for you. One of the most effective solutions is to spray termiticide beneath the home. This special liquid will soak into the soil and repel the insects. If a white ant manages to get close to your property, the chemical will kill it.

Pest Control

If you suspect that your house has already been infested, time is of the essence. Do not try to deal with the problem yourself because it is very likely that you will only make it worse. DIY products are not strong enough to kill a colony and they will only bother the insects and force them to hide in a new area. This will make you believe that you have solved the problem, but in reality they will be damaging another part of the house. Qualified professionals use the best equipment to locate colonies without disturbing them. Pest control companies need a special license to use termiticide, so always confirm that the technicians have the proper qualifications.

Why you should seek professional help for the best termites control

If you have a problem with termites invading your home, or the ground near to your property, then you need to act quickly to make sure that they are removed before they can do serious damage. Some homeowners think that they can kill termites by using DIY products bought from hardware shops. These powders and insect barriers are supposed to help homeowners to control termites without requiring the intervention of a professional pest control company. However, the truth is that spending money on DIY products will only make clearing away termites more expensive, as you will have to seek the help of pest removal professionals in order to get rid of these insects.

Why DIY doesn’t work

There are two main types of DIY product which are bought by homeowners in order to try to remove termites themselves using cheap pest control products. The first is a common poison, which is placed around the home and close to termite holes, either using liquid or granule form. The poison can be placed directly onto the surface of the soil, or used with baiting systems to get rid of termites. However, most of the poisons which are used for termites can help to control the population, but they will not kill of the colony, meaning that termites continue to live in your timbers. The second solution commonly used is the installation of termite barriers. While these can be very effective, in the majority of cases the homeowners lack the experience and knowledge required to turn the barriers into an effective preventative. Using these barriers by themselves is not an effective way to remove termites from the home.

How professionals can help you

If you need assistance to get rid of termites, then you should consider the benefits of using professional termite removal companies. They have access to professional termicide pest control systems, and IGRs. The latter are poisons which are placed as bait, and which reduce the growth hormone of immature termites. The young termites die in the larvae stages, old workers die natural deaths, and gradually, the colony fails. Professional termite control teams can also construct termite barriers according to the industry standards, making sure that the insects are not able to travel across them to gain access to your home. With the help of a professional team, you can get rid of your pests for good.