Why you should seek professional help for the best termites control

If you have a problem with termites invading your home, or the ground near to your property, then you need to act quickly to make sure that they are removed before they can do serious damage. Some homeowners think that they can kill termites by using DIY products bought from hardware shops. These powders and insect barriers are supposed to help homeowners to control termites without requiring the intervention of a professional pest control company. However, the truth is that spending money on DIY products will only make clearing away termites more expensive, as you will have to seek the help of pest removal professionals in order to get rid of these insects.

Why DIY doesn’t work

There are two main types of DIY product which are bought by homeowners in order to try to remove termites themselves using cheap pest control products. The first is a common poison, which is placed around the home and close to termite holes, either using liquid or granule form. The poison can be placed directly onto the surface of the soil, or used with baiting systems to get rid of termites. However, most of the poisons which are used for termites can help to control the population, but they will not kill of the colony, meaning that termites continue to live in your timbers. The second solution commonly used is the installation of termite barriers. While these can be very effective, in the majority of cases the homeowners lack the experience and knowledge required to turn the barriers into an effective preventative. Using these barriers by themselves is not an effective way to remove termites from the home.

How professionals can help you

If you need assistance to get rid of termites, then you should consider the benefits of using professional termite removal companies. They have access to professional termicide pest control systems, and IGRs. The latter are poisons which are placed as bait, and which reduce the growth hormone of immature termites. The young termites die in the larvae stages, old workers die natural deaths, and gradually, the colony fails. Professional termite control teams can also construct termite barriers according to the industry standards, making sure that the insects are not able to travel across them to gain access to your home. With the help of a professional team, you can get rid of your pests for good.

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