Logan Village Pest Control Is Here to Help

Owning your own home is one of life’s most desired accomplishments. It is the place you return to after a long day and your sanctuary when you just want to retreat away from the world. Despite our best intentions and vigilance in maintaining a safe and nurturing environment for ourselves and families, sometimes nature decides to move in with you, where they stay way past their welcome. There may also be a situation where you probably just acquired a home and before you know it, you realise you have roommates –thousands of them.

If you have a home built with wood or timber, chances are it will be attacked sooner or later by termites. Termites, or white ants, are especially fond of all things wood and eradicating them can be rather difficult. You may be tempted to take matters in your own hands and get a DIY eradication kit from the hardware store. These methods often fail as they only eliminate some of these pests, leaving the rest to further proliferate and wreck even more havoc. These creatures are sneaky and can hide anywhere in the house, going virtually undetected until you start finding parts of your home in ruins. Before the problem gets costly and irreparable, a call to Dunrite or the company of your choice is the best long term solution and investment you can make for your home.

These highly specialised technicians are experts in termites and use the very latest tools and equipment to locate, snuff out and completely eliminate these destructive creatures. After assessing the severity of your infestation, pest control services in Logan can provide you with the best course of action in getting rid of these pests for good. The application of Termiticide beneath the soil is one of the most effective treatments on the market used for keeping termites at bay. In addition to arming your home against termites, you can even have a timber restoration service done, which preserves timber from fungi attacks, rotting, warping, splitting and so forth.

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