Choosing a Termite Barrier Protection for Your Property

In their natural environment, termites are in charge of a very important job. They have to break down organic matter, such as leaves and wood, so that the nutrients can replenish the soil again. This function allows vegetation to grow and many animals can have access to food. However, termites and humans often find themselves in the same areas and their wood munching abilities are not appreciated.


The best way to stop termites from reaching your home is by installing a termite barrier system. It is suggested to do this before the construction works start. You have a number of options to choose from but only a specialist can make a recommendation for your particular case. Physical barriers make it impossible for the termites to construct tunnels and reach your property. They can be made of plastic, metal or sand. Chemical barriers work by applying termicide on the soil under and around the building. Some barriers combine both options for added protection.

Detecting an Infestation

Termites are very good at going unnoticed for quite a while. The colonies have queens that lay eggs at an impressive rate and can easily make their population increase dramatically. In many cases, homeowners only know that they have these unwanted guests at home because of the structural damage they have caused.

If you suspect that there are termites in your home or if you have seen them, you should call the professionals. It is impossible to get rid of a colony without locating the queen or queens and if you try to kill them, they will simply find another place to hide. The best termites control specialists have equipment that allows them to locate the colony without damaging your walls or floors. They also have access to termicide, the only chemical strong enough to destroy an entire colony.

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