Have you discovered white ants to a pest inspection on the Gold Coast?

Homeowners often discover termites when they are in the first stages of selling their property, and the discovery of white ants at this time can be extremely disruptive. The pest inspection on the Gold Coast is there to look for signs of insect activity prior to selling, and the experts will usually look in places that you don’t consider likely to attract termites. By the time termites are discovered through this type of operation, it may require a complete overhaul of some timbers, and a great deal of pest control work in order to get rid of the existing pests. Calling in a professional team is the most efficient way to get rid of white ants in your home.

Professional or DIY?

Most homeowners in Australia like to think they are able to manage insect infestations on their own, without the assistance of experts. There are a lot of different chemicals that supermarkets sell to homeowners, promising them that this will get rid of their termite problem, and that they won’t have to call in professional Logan village pest control in order to remove the insects. In most cases, these poisons are only able to remove worker termites, and they fail to get rid of the nest. Without removing the nest, this means that you have a perpetual cycle of new workers being born, even after you have removed the original white ants. Only by using professional services can you locate termites and then nests within the walls, getting rid of both the worker termites and the larvae. Only by destroying the nest can you completely get rid of the pests.

Call in a team to help you

If you have been using a professional pest control services Logan team in order to conduct your pest inspection, then you will already have a team able to help you with the removal of the pests that the team found. These experts cannot only use specialist machines to detect nests within the wall, helping to locate termites where you didn’t even know they could be found, but they can also offer you detailed information about termite barriers, white ant prevention such as termicide and wood varnishes, which can help to deter the pests and will ensure that they are not able to come back into your home after the nests have been destroyed.

Getting the Best Termite Barrier System for Your Home

Termites play an important role in nature. They are in charge of breaking down waste so that soil can be enriched with nutrients. However, this task is not appreciated when it happens in our homes. Termites are quiet insects that can feast on the wooden structure of your house and damage it significantly before you even notice their presence. It is very likely that by the time you suspect an infestation, the colony will have grown significantly. At this point you will need professional help and a terrier barrier system to keep white ants away from your home.

The most popular systems require termicide, a chemical that is only available to professionals and that is strong enough to kill and keep these insects at bay. The wood that has been infested is injected with the chemical and it usually delivers great results in 24 hours, although it depends on the size of the colony. If the termites have been eliminated, it is still important to have a prevention plan put in place. A company specialising in termicide pest control can tell you about the different options available.

One of the most effective solutions is treating the soil around and underneath the house. This means that a foam or liquid would be impregnated into the soil to repel the insects and kill any that come near the property. You can also find physical barriers made from plastic which have been treated with termicide. Steel mesh barriers are also available and they have holes that are too small for the insects to go through. These systems are usually installed before the house is built. Sand barriers are another possibility. The sand grains are so big that the white ants find it impossible to build their tunnels. This type of barrier is often found around a building. The steel and sand options do not have any chemicals, but a professional will be able to tell you what will work best in your property.