Choosing a Termite Barrier System and Pest Control

Security at home will always be one of our main concerns. We want our own space to be welcoming and to feel completely safe at all times. You can install the best locks and security doors and although that will stop thieves on their tracks, it will do nothing against other types of menace. Termites and other creatures can come into your house regardless of how secure your lock is.

Potential Damage

In their natural habitat, termites are in charge of decomposing waste, such as wood, and replenishing the soil with nutrients. This process allows plants, trees and other animals to prosper. However, as we moved closer to the areas where termites lived, they started invading our homes. Termites love the taste of wood and they know how to find the best hiding spots. As a result, you can expect a good amount of structural damage by the time you notice their presence.


Any Logan Pest Control company will tell you that the best way to avoid a termite infestation is by having a barrier system in place, which is usually installed before the house is built. You can choose between physical and chemical barriers or a combination of both. Physical barriers are made of plastic, metal or sand. They work by making it impossible for the white ants to build the tunnels that allow them to reach your property. Chemical barriers work by applying Termicide around and beneath the house. This is such a strong chemical that it will kill them as soon as they get near. Some physical barriers are infused with Termicide to maximise their efficiency.

What to Do in Case of an Infestation

If your home has already been infested, it is crucial that you call the professionals. White ants are very sneaky and Termicide pest control is the only way to get rid of them. Pest control companies use specialised equipment to track down the colony and exterminate it.

Make sure you have the best termites control

If you are unlucky enough to have found termite in your home, then you need to resolve this issue as quickly as possible using reliable termite removing practices. The termites in your home are most likely to be subterranean, and will be pale in colour. These are known as white ants, and can appear is our soldier termites with a big resemblance to normal ants, and winged termites or alates. Removing these termites from your property means not only getting rid of the visible termites, but also killing off breeding termites and larvae. A completely thorough pest removal is the best termites control that will ensure that termites are really gone.

Why you need to remove termites quickly

It is estimated that as many as one out of every four homes in Australia are invested by termites at least once in their lifespan. Most home insurance will not offer cover to remove termites or to repair the damage caused by these insects. Once termites have found a nest, it can be particularly difficult to remove them, and many termite killers struggle to remove the entire nest. In addition, once termites have settled into a wooden structure, their empty nest could be used by other termites in the future. This is why it is so important to get rid of termites quickly.

How to make sure that termites are gone

There are several ways of removing termites using DIY products, but most of these do not work very effectively, and the best way to ensure that you have completely read your house of termite is to use a termite treatment Gold Coast company who will be able to get rid of the termites for you. Their experience in using termicide pest control can help them to ensure that they get rid of all termites, and they also have technology which can be useful in determining whether there are termites remaining in the walls after treatment. In addition to kill off the termites which are already present in your home, most pest control companies will also look at preventative measures, including bait stations which help to detect termite activity, termite barriers which prevent termites from crossing a certain perimeter, and physical barriers which prevent termites from coming to the home by creating impassable barriers which are then combined with termicide to ensure that termites don’t come into the home.

The best termites control methods for homeowners

Homeowners in Australia regularly face the issue of termite invasion. These insects are a frequent pest in modern homes, which are designed to be secure and warm rather than to prevent insect access. Termites are attracted to homes because they offer plenty of food, primarily wood, and the warmth and protection which human habitation is offer. Getting rid of termites is always a tough job, and many homeowners struggle to prevent them from returning. In order to ensure that you get rid of termites once and for all, understanding the best termites control methods can be essential.

Getting rid of existing termites

Most homeowners will not act against termites until they discover that they have an infestation, and then they will often choose to call out emergency pest control services in Logan. The most common way to discover termites is through a building inspection, which looks for termites and other pests. If the inspection uncovers a termite infestation, then the pest control company will likely take care of them at the same time, but this may mean that termites come back after a period of time. Getting rid of existing termites is an essential step, and you need to combine that removal with a regular series of inspections, which will ensure that the termites are gone for good. However, you may also wish to ensure that you get rid of termites in the long term, which is done through the use of preventative measures rather than termiticide.

Long-term preventative measures against termites

The best way to ensure that your home is free from termites in the long term is to practice termite repellent measures. These measures are designed to discourage termites from settling in the home, and will ensure that there are fewer opportunities for these insects went to the home. The use of preventative measures, combined with termicide pest control, can ensure complete abandonment of your property by termites. You can take steps such as removing wooden areas from your exterior walls, and making sure that mulch and wood debris is kept out of the property. Trimming trees and shrubs in order to prevent them from being close to the home will also help to discourage termites. Fixing leaking areas can also guarantee that the white ants will not find a way into the property. It is important to cover soil in call spaces and other areas with plastic covering, and seal all cracks and spaces within the foundation. These measures will help to deter termites.

Why all homes need a pest inspection on the Gold Coast

Homeowners in Australia regularly have to deal with the fact that their properties have been invaded by nature. Termites are one of the most serious problems that homeowners have to deal with, and they can often be concealed for many years before they are spotted. Before you sell your home, or when you are looking at a new property, it is important to have an inspection done of the property to make sure that it is not likely to be invested. Whether you need a pest inspection on the Gold Coast for your own home, or for a prospective purchase, you can rely upon the experts to get the job done quickly. If you do discover pests during the investigation, then you can make use of the specialists to get rid of the infestation.

Uncovering termites in your home

Termites are a serious issue, and one which is overlooked on casual inspection of a property. Because they tend to burrow into wood, it can be hard to spot the small traces that demonstrate that they are there, and it can also be very difficult to find exactly where the nest is simply from spotting the holes. In order to make sure that all the termite nests in your home are spotted, or to ensure that there are none there to begin with, then you need to employ the services of specialists who can identify even small signs of termites. Termite pest control services in Logan can help you to perform a pest inspection of your property that will ensure that the insects are dealt with properly.

After termites are discovered

If you are unlucky enough to discover that there are termites on your property, then you need to take quick action to make sure that they are eliminated effectively. Termites can repopulate very rapidly, and so as soon as any termites are spotted, it is essential to call in pest control services Logan teams who can get rid of the insects. Any delay in getting rid of termites can result in the infestation spreading, and it can also cause serious damage to the wooden structures in your home, damaging the structure. Termite infestations which are not dealt with can leave properties as unsafe, and there are also increased chances that termites will return to nests and it is important that these also destroyed during the elimination process.

Reasons to Choose a Professional White Ant Treatment

White ants, also known as termites, are every homeowner’s nightmare. These small creatures can seriously damage the structure of a house and be responsible for very costly repairs. If you suspect that there are termites in your house, it is imperative that you call professionals right away. It is nearly impossible to find out how big their colony is and the type of damage they have caused without the proper equipment. Most people do not notice any damage for years; it all depends on the layout of the house and the weather in the area where it is located.

Disadvantages of a DIY Job

Trying to fight termites yourself is never a good idea. DIY products are usually not strong enough and they will simply make the insects move to another area of the house. This can be very misleading as you may think that they are all gone, but they will actually be feasting on a different part of the house. Professionals offering their pest control services, Logan is home to great companies, will have all the necessary equipment to locate and eliminate colonies of any size.

A full inspection may take a couple of hours but it will be thorough. They will do a visual check and detect narrow holes and a grey or brown film on the wood. Afterwards, they will use infrared cameras and other devices to find their hiding spot. Professionals have access to highly effective products that will kill all the insects they find.

Protecting Your Home

To prevent any future infestations, it is important to find the best termites control system for your home. The soil beneath and around your property must be sprayed with termiticide, this stops the white ants from entering your home and kills any that may get near it. Physical barriers made of plastic or steel mesh are also available.

Get the best protection with building and pest inspection on the Gold Coast

Investing in a property is a serious commitment, and many people want to make sure that their property is in good condition before they go on to make the purchase. One simple thing that can be done to ensure the good state of the property you intend to buy is to have a building and pest inspection. Gold Coast buyers can employ a specialist team that will be able to make sure the building is in good condition. One of the most important things which your pest inspector will look for is the presence of termites. These are particularly active in the eastern area of Australia, and the Gold Coast can be particularly vulnerable, which is why making an inspection is essential.

Spotting the damage and dealing with it

If it is too late, and you have bought a property that is infested with termites, then you need to take steps to ensure that your home is free from these pests. Correct use of poisons and clearing toxins are essential, but you should also make note of where the pest inspector found the termites, and clear down the area. Termites often lead up to their nest in the wood with tunnels made from saliva and dirt, and these have to be cleared away in order to deter other termites from settling in the same area. The termite elimination treatment should also include baiting, which poisons termites away from the nest. Make living in your home as uncomfortable as possible for these insects.

Preventing further activity

If you have termites, or want to ensure that your property never has them, then you will need to take steps to prevent termites from coming back into the home. The best way to do this is through the use of a termite barrier system. These barriers are designed to make it harder for termites to get into the property, so that your house becomes less attractive to the insects. In addition, you should make sure to repair damaged timbers on the property, clearing away termite leads, and making sure that there is no tempting debris or wood that can encourage termites to come back into the property. Keep the wood dry and well-coated with protective varnish in order to prevent termites from coming back into the building, and follow the advice of your pest control experts in removing items from the home that could provide nesting places for termites.

Cheap Pest Control Solutions Vs. Professional Pest Control Services

Having uninvited creatures in your home is never a fun experience and unfortunately many people believe that using cheap pest control products, like those you would find at the supermarket, will suffice. Sadly, these products can make the problem even worse in some cases. One prime example of this is trying to fight termites. Termites can cause a lot of damage to the foundation and structure of a house and DIY products can masquerade the intensity of the problem.

The moment you suspect the presence of termites, you should call a professional to have a look at your house. Their experience is their most important asset; it is thanks to this and the latest technology that they will be able to locate the colony. Some companies have access to infrared devices to identify the presence of termites without destroying your walls. Termites can find their way into the most unlikely of places and they all need to be targeted to solve the problem. They can also use special techniques if the insects are inside the wood.

The best termite control plan should start the minute you are interested in buying a house or building one. If you are buying a house, it is crucial that you have it inspected before you make the purchase. A team of technicians can tell you if there is a problem and if the necessary precautionary measures have been put in place. If the ground has not been treated with termicide or if it needs to be reapplied, you should take that into account when you are ready to make an offer.

If your house or your health are at risk, it is always better to trust people who know how to eliminate infestations. Having someone doing the job right in the first place will eventually save you sleepless nights and a lot of money.

Need Termite treatment in Gold Coast in order to sell your property?

Termites are bad news wherever they settle, and if they have chosen your property for their nest, then you could have a struggle on your hands to get rid of them. Property owners often don’t realise that they have a termite infestation until they try to sell their house. Buyers will have a pest inspection to make sure that the home is termite free, and if there are any insects in the home, this could be a problem. Finding effective termite treatment in Gold Coast is vital if you want to sell the property after a negative report.

What is a pre-purchase pest inspection?

When buyers are considering purchasing a home, it is essential that they make a check for any type of pest infestation before the purchase is agreed. The Pre-purchase building and pest inspection ensures that the home is thoroughly checked out, and guarantees that any significant problems are spotted earlier. A building inspection will look at defects or problem areas within the property, including the roof, plumbing, and the condition of foundations and woodwork. The termite inspection involves the use of a pest control team, who will perform a visual check of all parts of the property, specifically looking out for termite damage, or active termites in the area. If there are any problems, then the buyer will need the seller to fix this issue right away.

Why sellers should check with pest control

In order to ensure that your property gets a sale at the first time of asking, it is important that you ask pest control experts to check out the house, and ensure that there are no termites on the property. It is best to have this check done for yourself, rather than leaving it to the pre-purchase building and pest inspection, since any discoveries at that point could deter your buyer. It is much better so simply grasp the nettle, and attempt to solve any issues before the house is put onto the market. What this will ensure is that you are able to get a great deal of help from the termite pest controller before selling, so that the house can be marked as clear of pests prior to the sale. Finding termites early can be a positive step towards making a sale, and ensuring that there is no damage.

Make sure that you are free from bugs with termicide pest control

Termites are one of the most serious problems that any homeowner can face. In Australia, these insects cause thousands of pounds worth of damage within a very short space of time, and they are also very difficult to stop once they have nested in wood. There are several ways that you could use to get rid of termites, including DIY products, but the only sure way is to call in a Termicide pest control team who can help you to sort out where the termites are coming from, and how to best deter them from re-entering the nest that they had built.

Locating termites in walls

The reason that termites cause so much destruction within the home is that they are nest-builders, and their preferred location for their nest is inside wood. To the termite, there is really no difference between a fallen log (their ancestral home), and the wood found inside your property. If termites looking for a new nest come upon your wooden beams and foundation supports before they spot another likely location, they will move in. The problem lies in the fact that the entrance hole is usually quite small, but the nest which the termite builds can be huge. This means that you may not realise you have termite problems until you have a pest inspection as part of the process of selling your home, or your home suffers severe structural damage due to termite nests. Finding the termites often means calling in experts who can use modern technology to spot living termites inside your walls.

Preventing a revisit

Even if you successfully remove termites once thanks to the intervention of a cheap pest control service, you are still likely to face termites moving back into the nest once the poison is gone. This is because the wood is suitable for nesting, and if one termite group can use it, so can others. The only opportunity to avoid having to deal with termites on a yearly basis is to seek the help of professional termite removal firms such as Dunrite pest control. By working with termites for years, they have come to understand what the best and worst ways to prevent termites are, and they can also help you to prevent revisits of termites using chemical barriers and wood treatment methods to deter these insects in the future.