How termicide pest control can work in your property

Termites, or white ants as they are commonly known in Australia, are small wood boring insects which can take up residence in your home without you noticing but will quickly destroy wooden structures such as supporting beams, floors and roofs. By the time that homeowners realise that they have been invaded, it is often too late to provide a solution. There are several things you can do in order to ensure you get the best from your termicide pest control, and an understanding of what measures can combat termites is an important step in getting great results.

Choosing poisons and traps

The most common type of termite control used by homeowners involves poisons and traps. These are able to kill termite which are away from the nest, and can be a good way of getting rid of roving termite once you have eliminated the nest itself, but if you have a full investigation these are not the best termites control options available. Instead, you should be looking for pest control teams who can wage a concentrated war against termites and defeat them in every aspect of their lives, from destroying their nests to removing larvae and killing worker termites. While poisons and traps have a place in this extermination, it is not the only option you have available.

Stopping termites accessing the home

If you have had termite problems in the past, then you may still be vulnerable to these insects. In order to make sure you get the best from your termite removal teams, you need to ask them to take steps to prevent termites from coming back into the house after they have killed the existing nest. This can be done through the use of barriers, either chemical or physical, which are installed around the outside of the house, and prevent termites from actually coming into the house. There are several different types of barriers which can be used by termite pest control in Logan in order to stop termites from coming into your home, including concrete and metal barriers which form physical impediments which limit the ability of termites to come into the house. There are also poison traps which kill off termites entering these barriers, reducing the ability of termites to intrude into your home from nearby nests. Keeping the house clean and limiting rubbish will also help to deter termites.

Why all homes need a pest inspection on the Gold Coast

Homeowners in Australia regularly have to deal with the fact that their properties have been invaded by nature. Termites are one of the most serious problems that homeowners have to deal with, and they can often be concealed for many years before they are spotted. Before you sell your home, or when you are looking at a new property, it is important to have an inspection done of the property to make sure that it is not likely to be invested. Whether you need a pest inspection on the Gold Coast for your own home, or for a prospective purchase, you can rely upon the experts to get the job done quickly. If you do discover pests during the investigation, then you can make use of the specialists to get rid of the infestation.

Uncovering termites in your home

Termites are a serious issue, and one which is overlooked on casual inspection of a property. Because they tend to burrow into wood, it can be hard to spot the small traces that demonstrate that they are there, and it can also be very difficult to find exactly where the nest is simply from spotting the holes. In order to make sure that all the termite nests in your home are spotted, or to ensure that there are none there to begin with, then you need to employ the services of specialists who can identify even small signs of termites. Termite pest control services in Logan can help you to perform a pest inspection of your property that will ensure that the insects are dealt with properly.

After termites are discovered

If you are unlucky enough to discover that there are termites on your property, then you need to take quick action to make sure that they are eliminated effectively. Termites can repopulate very rapidly, and so as soon as any termites are spotted, it is essential to call in pest control services Logan teams who can get rid of the insects. Any delay in getting rid of termites can result in the infestation spreading, and it can also cause serious damage to the wooden structures in your home, damaging the structure. Termite infestations which are not dealt with can leave properties as unsafe, and there are also increased chances that termites will return to nests and it is important that these also destroyed during the elimination process.

Get rid of termites and pests with white ant treatment

Termites are one of the biggest problems facing Australian households, and they can even affect the value of your property if they are spotted during a pest inspection. It is increasingly difficult to avoid termites in suburban areas, as the natural habitats of the insects are removed, and they flee towards homes rather than further into the countryside. They can seriously damage the wooden frames of buildings, destabilise the foundations, and affect the roof timbers. In order to avoid these problems it is essential to get effective white ant treatment as soon as possible.

Preventing and spotting white ants

Termites, also known as white ants, tend to come into the home through the ground. The best way to avoid them entering the home is to make it less inviting. This could include building termite traps and deterrents that make it harder for the termites to get into the building in the first place. Adding wood treatment and protective coatings to beams will also encourage them to move on to another residence. With the advice of experts such as Dunrite pest control, you can get better management of your pests, and also eliminate any that have got into the woodwork. These can be spotted by experienced teams, who are looking for small holes in the wall which indicate termite activity. Use of heat-sensitive devices can then help the team to work out where the nest is inside the building.

Getting rid of termites

The discovery of termites in the home is a serious issue, and one that should not be overlooked. Many people think that there is a solution to the infestation that can be found on supermarket shelves – but they will usually be disappointed by the results. These poisons might clear out the obvious termites, but the nest inside the wall is usually unharmed, and this means that there is no cure. Rather than risk having termites inside the building which have not been destroyed, it is important to pick out an effective termite treatment Gold Coast company that specialises in such work. Only by making use of this kind of expert team can you hope to get rid of your problem termites. The team will use a combination of termite poisons, traps and other deterrents in order to wipe out the white ants which exist on the property, and then deterring others from using the old tunnels by effectively making the house an unpleasant place for termites to live.

Cheap Pest Control Solutions Vs. Professional Pest Control Services

Having uninvited creatures in your home is never a fun experience and unfortunately many people believe that using cheap pest control products, like those you would find at the supermarket, will suffice. Sadly, these products can make the problem even worse in some cases. One prime example of this is trying to fight termites. Termites can cause a lot of damage to the foundation and structure of a house and DIY products can masquerade the intensity of the problem.

The moment you suspect the presence of termites, you should call a professional to have a look at your house. Their experience is their most important asset; it is thanks to this and the latest technology that they will be able to locate the colony. Some companies have access to infrared devices to identify the presence of termites without destroying your walls. Termites can find their way into the most unlikely of places and they all need to be targeted to solve the problem. They can also use special techniques if the insects are inside the wood.

The best termite control plan should start the minute you are interested in buying a house or building one. If you are buying a house, it is crucial that you have it inspected before you make the purchase. A team of technicians can tell you if there is a problem and if the necessary precautionary measures have been put in place. If the ground has not been treated with termicide or if it needs to be reapplied, you should take that into account when you are ready to make an offer.

If your house or your health are at risk, it is always better to trust people who know how to eliminate infestations. Having someone doing the job right in the first place will eventually save you sleepless nights and a lot of money.

Make sure that you are free from bugs with termicide pest control

Termites are one of the most serious problems that any homeowner can face. In Australia, these insects cause thousands of pounds worth of damage within a very short space of time, and they are also very difficult to stop once they have nested in wood. There are several ways that you could use to get rid of termites, including DIY products, but the only sure way is to call in a Termicide pest control team who can help you to sort out where the termites are coming from, and how to best deter them from re-entering the nest that they had built.

Locating termites in walls

The reason that termites cause so much destruction within the home is that they are nest-builders, and their preferred location for their nest is inside wood. To the termite, there is really no difference between a fallen log (their ancestral home), and the wood found inside your property. If termites looking for a new nest come upon your wooden beams and foundation supports before they spot another likely location, they will move in. The problem lies in the fact that the entrance hole is usually quite small, but the nest which the termite builds can be huge. This means that you may not realise you have termite problems until you have a pest inspection as part of the process of selling your home, or your home suffers severe structural damage due to termite nests. Finding the termites often means calling in experts who can use modern technology to spot living termites inside your walls.

Preventing a revisit

Even if you successfully remove termites once thanks to the intervention of a cheap pest control service, you are still likely to face termites moving back into the nest once the poison is gone. This is because the wood is suitable for nesting, and if one termite group can use it, so can others. The only opportunity to avoid having to deal with termites on a yearly basis is to seek the help of professional termite removal firms such as Dunrite pest control. By working with termites for years, they have come to understand what the best and worst ways to prevent termites are, and they can also help you to prevent revisits of termites using chemical barriers and wood treatment methods to deter these insects in the future.

What Termite Barrier Protection Can Do for Your Home

Termites are often a farmer or gardener’s friend. They take fallen branches and other waste products and break them down. Because of this, the soil can become rich in nutrients, allowing for plants to grow and flourish. Unfortunately, this ability to break down wood into nutrients is the reason that they are the bane of homeowners with buildings using a wooden structure. You may not see the effect of termites for years, but by this time, the infestation would have grown to the point where professionals are needed. If you do see damage done by termites, using off the shelf products may not kill off an infestation, but move them to another part of the house to start somewhere new. To keep them at bay, termite barrier protection is important for many Australians with wooden-structured homes.


Termite treatments are available in different types; however, termiticide-based products seem to work best. The chemical is designed specifically to target termites and can be injected into wood that has been infected by these white ants. This usually can kill an infestation off within 2 weeks but most will die in about 24 hours.

Soil Barrier Treatments

If you are looking for a termite barrier system to protect your home, then your options include a termiticide spray or foam, steel mesh termite barriers, sand barriers or plastic barriers. Plastic barriers consist of a plastic sheet that has been impregnated with termiticide and is laid under your home. Steel mesh barriers stop termites from being able to access the tasty wood structure of your home and sand barriers are made with sand big enough to disable termites from making tunnels to get to their meal. Steel mesh barriers are usually installed beneath the concrete slab on which the home is built. Termiticide barriers are simply sprayed onto the ground below a home and will kill off any incoming attacks. Because most of these barriers should be installed before a home is built, it is important to talk to a termite specialist to find the right solution for you.

With termicide pest control one treatment is all you need

Managing termite pests is a problem for many householders across Australia. These small insects can nest in wooden beams throughout the house, causing structural problems and weakening foundations. Many homes suffering from termite infestation cannot be sold, and they may be seriously devalued by the problem. The only solution for homeowners is to get rid of the termites once and for all. Standard DIY termite powders have been shown to leave some termites alive and certainly shop-bought powders tend to result in re-infestation within a short period. Unlike these options, Termicide pest control offers treatment that provide a solution which can clear up white ant infestation once and for all.

Why use Termicide?

Termicide produces effective management for white ant colonies inside the home, and in the ground around the home. Controlling the spread of termites is about more than just eliminating them from the home; it also requires treatment that prevents them from coming back onto the property after the powders have been removed. Termicide offers the best solution to controlling termites and other insect pests which can reduce the quality of life and affect the value of property. Termicide solutions may include using the Replenishment system which is designed to continue pushing chemicals into the soil long after the initial infestation was treated. The company can also offer a range of different treatments designed to help homeowners prevent infestation before it happens, ensuring that their property remains termite-free. Prevention is the best termites control method as it allows homeowners to stop termites before they enter the home, meaning that no nests are built, and therefore that there are no missed termites on the premises.

What are the best preventative measures?

There are several steps that you need to take in order to prevent the advance of termites into the home. Wood can be treated with boron in order to poison termites who try to consume the wood. There are also timber preservation services which can be used to inhibit rot, meaning that the wood is stronger and more resistant to termite attack. There are also termite barriers which can be used to stop termites entering the floor of the home. Even if you find that these preventative measures have not been enough to stop termites building a nest, with the help of the pest control Logan experts, you can still remove them completely, and prevent termites from re-establishing old nests.

The Importance of a Pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection

Pests can be a huge problem in certain parts of Australia. Taking precautions is essential when buying a new home or commercial property near Logan. Without a pre-purchase building and pest inspection, you could be taking the risk of a pest infestation such as termites. Termites are a huge problem for wooden structure homes and can affect the safety of the building.

What Will the Pest Inspection Cover?

The inspection relates largely to termites and the damage they can do; however, other issues such as fungus and other pests are also reported on. The inspection will cover the following:

  • The presence of termites

  • Evidence of damage by termites

  • Evidence of previous termite treatments

  • Evidence of wood borers

  • Chemical Delignification (the deterioration of the wood)

  • Fungal decay

All of these are required under the AS 4349.3 pest control standard. The inspection is non-invasive and it is not required to do any cutting or removing objects. It is important to get a statement from the property owner regarding pest control activity and detailed copies of any documents regarding previous pest control services.

What Can Termites Do?

If you decide against having the inspection, you may find yourself with a building with a termite problem. They can cause damage to the structure of the home through the foundations and supporting beams. At the point where there is damage visible enough for you to notice it easily, the infestation could be huge. If you do see termite damage, do not use DIY-strength products as these are usually not made to deal with a large colony and using it might simply move the termites elsewhere in the property.

If you already have a problem in your home in Queensland and you are looking to find a licensed termite pest control in Logan, look for a company that has professional and honest tradesmen with decades of experience. A local company that lasts over 20 years is usually one that is well respected.

A few truths about having a pest inspection on your Gold Coast property

Property owners on the Gold Coast are advised to have a pest inspection at least once a year. This is the safest way that they can keep on top of the situation, detecting and treating any signs of pest infestation and preventing future problems. You should also arrange for a pest inspection on your Gold Coast property if you see any signs of pest problems – act as quickly as you can to minimise the damage caused.

It is also a good idea to have a pre purchase building and pest inspection, in fact some mortgage companies insist upon it. After having this inspection you will have peace of mind about any pest problems the property has now or has suffered in the past. If the damage was not dealt with effectively it can cause potential problems in the future.

Finding that a property has some sort of pest problems does not necessarily mean that you should not buy it, but you do need to have professional advice about the treatments which will be needed to get rid of the termites or other pests, treat the property and make sure that the correct preventative measures are taken so that the property does not have a pest problem in the future. This may affect the price you pay for the property and, as already mentioned put the mortgage companies mind at rest that they will not be lending monies for a property which has extensive unknown damage.

Having regular inspections and the assurance that a property is free of pest problems can also help you to save money on your insurance premiums. Again, some insurance companies will insist that a professional pest control company makes an inspection of a property before they will provide insurance cover for it. If you do not have a regular inspection and your property does suffer from pest related damage and problems you may find that you are not covered by your insurance at all which can be a very expensive discovery.

There are some superb pest control service companies all around the Gold Coast, for example if you live in Logan, a quick search for “control services Logan” should give you all of the options. Wherever you live do make sure that you keep on top of any potential pest control problems – pests might be small but they can make large amounts of damage in a short period of time.